Welcome To My First Post

I’d like to introduce myself. I am the Toadman. I am a student at Thompsons Rivers University in their Distance Education program. One of my courses; Business, Professional and Academic Composition, asks me to create a blog. So here I am, bad pseudonym and all, writing my first blog post.

Without getting too specific, I’m in my early 1940s, a business professional with a good deal of experience but pretty light in the education department (hence going to college at my advanced age). My interests range from pulpy science fiction (the more Golden Age stories the better), through a number of sciences (linguistics and physics, purely as a layman) and particularly politics. The latter is the topic on which I will most likely be pontificating here.

Being a Canadian, I have a particular interest in the structures and traditions of the Westminster parliamentary system; a system I unabashedly believe to be the most stable and malleable of democratic governing systems. If I had to pick a favorite political science book, it would be Walter Bagehot’s The English Constitution, which possibly more eloquently than any other discusses the parts of the great English compromises, traditions and constitutional principles that gave us our system of government.

So stay tuned. I keep my eye on Canadian, American and British politics and feel compelled at times to write my thoughts. This seems like an awfully good place to do it!


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